UPSSSC PET Answer Key 2021:- 

Following are the Answer Key of all series of the question papers. 

UPSSSC PET 2021 Answer Key of Shift 1st and Shift 2nd

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Shift-1 (Morning Shift)

QP Series A (Shift-1)

1.B, 2.A, 3.B, 4.B, 5.C, 6.A, 7.A, 8.C, 9.D, 10.C, 11.C, 12.A, 13.C, 14.B, 15.B, 16.D, 17.C, 18.A, 19.A, 20.B, 21.B, 22.C, 23.A, 24.A, 25.C,
26.C, 27.C, 28.B, 29.B, 30.A, 31.C, 32.D, 33.B, 34.D, 35.D, 36.A, 37.B, 38.B, 39.B, 40.C, 41.C, 42.D, 43.C, 44.C, 45.C, 46.C, 47.C, 48.A, 49.A, 50.C,
51.D, 52.A, 53.A, 54.A, 55.A, 56.B, 57.B, 58.B, 59.A, 60.C, 61.A, 62.B, 63.B, 64.D, 65.A, 66.D, 67.C, 68.B, 69.D, 70.C, 71.A, 72.B, 73.C, 74.D, 75.B,
76.B, 77.C, 78.A, 79.C or D, 80.C, 81.B, 82.B, 83.D, 84.D, 85.C, 86.C, 87.B, 88.C, 89.A, 90.D, 91.A, 92.A, 93.A, 94.C, 95.D, 96.D, 97.B, 98.D, 99.C, 100.A
QP Series B (Shift-1)
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QP Series C (Shift-1)
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QP Series D (Shift-1)
1.A or D, 2.A, 3.D, 4.A, 5.B, 6.C, 7.A, 8.D, 9.D, 10.C, 11.B, 12.C, 13.A, 14.D, 15.A, 16.A, 17.C, 18.B, 19.B, 20.C, 21.A, 22.B, 23.D, 24.D, 25.C, 
26.D, 27.D, 28.B, 29.D, 30.A, 31.B, 32.B, 33.C, 34.A, 35.A, 36.A, 37.A, 38.B, 39.D, 40.D, 41.C, 42.A, 43.B, 44.B, 45.D, 46.D, 47.A, 48.A, 49.B, 50.B,
51.A, 52.B, 53.A, 54.A, 55.D, 56.D, 57.C, 58.C, 59.D, 60.C, 61.D, 62.A, 63.B, 64.D, 65.D, 66.A, 67.C, 68.A, 69.A, 70.A, 71.A, 72.A, 73.A, 74.B, 75.B,
76.B, 77.C, 78.B, 79.B, 80.D, 81.B, 82.D, 83.D, 84.D, 85.B, 86.A, 87.B, 88.C, 89.D, 90.C, 91.B, 92.A, 93.A, 94.D, 95.C, 96.C, 97.D, 98.B, 99.D, 100.A
QP Series E (Shift-1)
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QP Series F (Shift-1)
Available Soon
QP Series G (Shift-1)
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QP Series H (Shift-1)
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Shift-2 (Evening Shift)
QP Series A (Shift-2)
1.C, 2.B, 3.B, 4.B, 5.A, 6.D, 7.B, 8.B, 9.C, 10.D, 11.B, 12.B, 13.C, 14.A, 15.B, 16.C, 17.D, 18.C, 19.B, 20.A, 21.D, 22.B, 23.C, 24.B, 25.A, 
26.A, 27.B, 28.A, 29.C, 30.B, 31.A, 32.A, 33.C, 34.D, 35.A, 36.D, 37.C, 38.D, 39.D, 40.C, 41.C, 42.C, 43.B, 44.C, 45.A, 46.C, 47.B, 48.B, 49.D, 50.A,
51.C, 52.A, 53.C, 54.B, 55.A, 56.D, 57.D, 58.A, 59.B, 60.A, 61.B, 62.C, 63.B, 64.C, 65.B, 66.B, 67.B, 68.D, 69.B, 70.C, 71.A, 72.C, 73.B, 74.B, 75.D,
76.A, 77.B, 78.C, 79.C, 80.B, 81.B, 82.A, 83.C, 84.B, 85.A, 86.B, 87.A, 88.C, 89.B, 90.D, 91.B, 92.C, 93.A, 94.D, 95.C, 96.A, 97.D, 98.B, 99.C, 100.D
QP Series B (Shift-2)
1.B, 2.D, 3.A, 4.B, 5.C, 6.A, 7.C, 8.B, 9.A, 10.D, 11.C, 12.C, 13.C, 14.B, 15.A, 16.C, 17.C, 18.D, 19.A, 20.C, 21.C, 22.B, 23.D, 24.C, 25.B, 
26.A, 27.D, 28.C, 29.B, 30.A, 31.C, 32.D, 33.C, 34.D, 35.B, 36.C, 37.D, 38.B, 39.C, 40.D, 41.D, 42.B, 43.A, 44.D, 45.D, 46.B, 47.A, 48.A, 49.B, 50.A,
51.B, 52.C, 53.B, 54.D, 55.B, 56.C, 57.C, 58.A, 59.B, 60.B, 61.D, 62.B, 63.D, 64.D, 65.A, 66.A, 67.C, 68.C, 69.D, 70.C, 71.B, 72.D, 73.B, 74.C, 75.C,
76.C, 77.C, 78.C, 79.B, 80.A, 81.A, 82.C, 83.C, 84.A, 85.B, 86.C, 87.B, 88.B, 89.C, 90.D, 91.D, 92.C, 93.C, 94.D, 95.C, 96.D, 97.B, 98.C, 99.A, 100.C
QP Series C (Shift-2)
Available Soon
QP Series D (Shift-2)
Available Soon
QP Series E (Shift-2)
Available Soon
QP Series F (Shift-2)
1.A, 2.A, 3.D, 4.B, 5.D, 6.C, 7.C, 8.A, 9.B, 10.A, 11.C, 12.A, 13.B, 14.A, 15.B, 16.C, 17.A, 18.D, 19.A, 20.B, 21.B, 22.D, 23.C, 24.A, 25.C, 
26.A, 27.C, 28.D, 29.B, 30.D, 31.A, 32.A, 33.C, 34.A, 35.A, 36.A, 37.B, 38.D, 39.A, 40.A, 41.C, 42.D, 43.A, 44.C, 45.B, 46.B, 47.A, 48.C, 49.D, 50.A,
51.B, 52.D, 53.B, 54.C, 55.A, 56.B, 57.C, 58.A, 59.B, 60.A, 61.C, 62.D, 63.B, 64.B, 65.B, 66.D, 67.D, 68.C, 69.D, 70.C, 71.A, 72.C, 73.C, 74.C, 75.B,
76.A, 77.D, 78.C, 79.A, 80.B, 81.C, 82.B, 83.C, 84.D, 85.D, 86.A, 87.B, 88.B, 89.A, 90.C, 91.B, 92.A, 93.A, 94.A, 95.A, 96.A, 97.C, 98.C, 99.D, 100.A

QP Series G (Shift-2)
Available Soon
QP Series H (Shift-2)
Available Soon


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